This web site is dedicated to the underrated, underappreciated Dodge Dart GTS. This includes model years 1967-1968 and 1969! The "SMALL" Mopar Muscle Car from the 60's. The GTS shared the same A-body platform as the 67-68-69 Plymouth Barracuda on a 111" wheelbase. The first year GTS came equipped ONLY with the 383 Four Barrel for 1967. This was followed in 1968 with the purpose built, high winding HIGH PERFORMANCE 340 Four Barrel as the standard powerplant with the 383 Four Barrel as an option. This Registry does not include the S/S Hemi Dart as they were not based on the GTS. In 1969, the "M" code 440 GTS was introduced along with the 340 and 383's! The GTS was the top of the line for the Dart line. The GTS was only available for those three years. Also, 67-68-69 were the only years that the Dart had the 383 and 440 engines available.

What the GTS Registry would like is some information from you! This is to create a data base for all GTS owners. Hopefully the GTS Registry will be able to trace the origins of the '68 grill center piece, the '69 headrests, and the infamous "Recall Rims". Does your GTS have them?? Original?? What color was your 340 block in 1969?? Blue or turquoise?? Burning questions that we have all asked ourselves. Right?? The GTS Registry was created to help answer those questions. Regardless if your GTS is a project car, a rotisierre restoration, a pro-street modified car, a "barn fresh" find, or a full-out race car, the GTS Registry is here to bring all GTS owners together to help share information.

This registry will be divided into two major sections. The first will be dedicated to the 1967 and 1968 GTS. The second section will be for the 1969 GTS. Hopefully you will find this registry informative. Also featured is a "Reference" section with helpful photos and part numbers, a "Lost and Found" section, and a very informative section regarding the 1969 440 "M" code GTS.

Due to concerns from fellow GTS owners, the last three digits of your VIN will NOT be displayed on this website! However, please include the ENTIRE VIN in your email so your GTS can placed in the proper production order. Once again, the GTS Registry will NOT display the last three numbers of your VIN. You will still be able to see in what order your GTS was made.
Recently, there have been concerns by GTS owners not wishing to share their personal info with the GTS Registry. There is nothing to be afraid of. This is not a scheme to gather and/or distribute personal or GTS information. I do NOT share this information with any other data base. If you don't want to show your first name or location, that is fine. I really just want to get your GTS's information. I prefer a more personal approach to gathering and displaying the history of our GTS. I did not want this to be another dull "registry" that only lists the partial VIN in a list of partial VINs. How boring.
Without the devoted owners, the GTS would be nothing special. The owner history of the car makes it interesting. There have been some great friendships started via the GTS Registry, so PLEASE don't sell yourself short by not wanting to include your GTS in the Registry. We are in this hobby together to have fun and share our experiences with other GTS owners.

How to REGISTER your GTS?!?!?

That's simple. I ask you to email me with your GTS information. Please include the following:

  • 1) Year
  • 2) Engine/trans
  • 3) Rear gear
  • 4) Original body color/current color
  • 5) If vinyl or convertible top: what color
  • 6) Original type interior and color/current color
  • 7) Stripe color? Type or stripe delete?
  • 8) Your first name
  • 9) Your general geographic location
  • 10) Your VIN-including the sequential number.
  • 11) Build date ( if known )
  • 12) Is is original/restored? Customized? Pro-street? Race only??
  • 13) Any special options from the factory?
  • 14) Any "history" on your car?? Special memories??

    Also, if you have any pictures of your GTS that you would like to share, please include it in your email! As long as there is available storage space, the GTS Registry would like to help "show off" your A-body mopar to the world! We would only like to hear from CURRENT GTS owners. Info on former cars, or the one you know is for sale on the other side of town is NOT valid info for the data base. Please let the GTS Registry know!

    Once I get your email and update the site with your info, you will become a GTS Registry Member!!! Your "GTS Number" will be based upon the order in which I receive your info. You will have your "GTS Number" listed immediately after your VIN placement! If you have more than one GTS listed, you will recieve a different number for each car!

    Upon updating the GTS Registry with your info, I personally email back to every GTS owner about their GTS's listing. Please check your "Junk Mail" or "Spam" box to see if your email server dropped the response email in there.

    To Register Your GTS:

    Answer the questions shown above, and then email it to the GTS Registry using the link banner below:

    Email us HERE!!

    Currently, there are 712 cars registered for the combined three (3) model years!!


    Here are the GTS Registry entries for the two most recent months: Let's get those projects finished and get that GTS of yours back on the road!

  • LS23P9B163***GTS #712: Originally out of Nebraska, this 1969 GTS now resides under the care of Cody S. in South Dakota. Cody picked up this 1969 340 GTS in the summer of 2018. This is a project car that Cody plans on putting a date correct 340 and 4 speed back in the car. He is undecided to use either a 3.23 or 3.91 gears. Built on Wednesday October 2, 1968 this GTS was painted F8 Dark Green with a light green bucket seat console interior. Options included tinted windows all around, AM radio and A/C. This is a V88 stripe delete car.

    April 2019---April 2019

  • LS23H9B411***: GTS #711: Ed and Janice F. from Michigan bought this 1969 383 GTS in 2015. It had been converted to an all-out drag car before they bought it. Originally a 383 4 speed car, it now sports a tough 440 under the hood. Painted Y4 from the factory, this GTS is now flat black.

    March 2019---March 2019

  • LS23H8B326***: GTS #710: Joe A. from Ohio owns this well optioned 1968 GTS. This matching number 383 powered GTS has a 727 auto and a 3.23 SG rear end. Painted GG1 Dark Green with black bucket seat interior and black vinyl top. There is a white bumble bee stripe to contrast all the dark colors. Options include the 383/727, console tachometer, all 3 moldings, fender top signals, bumperettes, remote LH mirror and a RH mirror, 3 speed wipers and the full "mag style" wheel covers.


  • LS23P8E133*** GTS #203: Brock from Kansas City now owns GTS #203 as of 6/02/2019.

  • LS27H9B237*** GTS#462: Patrick B. from North Carolina inherited his brother Bob's 1969 GTS after Bob sadly passed away in 2012. This 1-of-34 GTS happily remains in the family. Patrick plans on returning the 383 4-speed convertible back to stock.

  • LS23M9B295***: GTS#57: Iggy A. from Florida has purchased GTS #57 as of February 2019.

  • LS23P9B136*** GTS# 604: Shane from New Jersey now owns GTS #604 as of 2/27/2019. Shane plans on adding the correct white bumble bee stripe and doing a paint daub/factory markings resto on his GTS.

  • LS23P8E108***: GTS#480: Jim L. from Louisiana now owns GTS #480. LA built, sold and brought to Michigan now in Louisiana.

  • LS23P9B284***: GTS#476: This Euro GTS was in Switzerland and had moved to Germany. Daniel H. has brought it back to Switzerland and it is near the original owner's hometown!

  • LS23H9B143*** GTS#318: This GTS is still in Colorado, but is now owned by David M.

  • LS23H9B136*** GTS #76: Originally registered in 2003, this GTS started in Louisiana and was residing in Hawaii when registered. This GTS never made it to Hawaii as the previous owner stated. In stead it sat in a barn for 10 years, and new owner Benjamin has been trying to buy it for 5 years!

  • LS23H9B331*** GTS #56. First registered in 2002 by Stan, this GTS was purchased by Gus and Rick and the restoration was underway. During the process, sadly, Gus passed away. New Owner Tom from TN bought the shell in 2016. With only 47K original miles showing, the GTS is back on the road. Hensley Racing built the numbers matching 383. The 383 is backed by a 727 and 3.91 gears. Built on March 21, 1969, the GTS was painted Y2 Yellow and this is a stripe delete car. It does have a black vinyl top. Tom's GTS also has the rare N85 console tachometer.

    Feature GTS


    Now check out the ENTIRE listing on the two GTS Registry pages. Hopefully you own a GTS and now wish to register it here with the rest of the GTS Registry members!!

    Links to the Registry Pages:

    Click HERE to see the 67's and 68's!

    Click HERE to see the 1969 GTSs!!

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    How's this for a surprise?!?! After racing at the 2012 Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Races, Hemmings Muscle Machines chose my GTS (GTS #3) for the December 2012 issue as a Restoration Profile feature!! What an honor! Also a great opportunity to help promote out GTS's and hopefully inspire more GTS owners out there to enter there cars here on the GTS Registry!


    Now for some SPECIAL NEWS from the GTS Registry......

    Some of you may remember Alan Miller running a 1967-1968 GTS Registry back in the late 1980's/early 1990's before the popularity of the internet. Alan has GRACIOUSLY sent the surviving archives from his Registry. I will be combining the two to see what it may bring! There is some really neat stuff that Alan has sent along. Just glancing thru the paperwork, I spotted a couple of entries in both Registries!!! The "shared" entries will be shown with a highlighted VIN. The remaining entries from Alan will be also shown in a separate section at the end of each Registry. That way we can keep track of some of the earlier VIN and maybe unite some current and past owners!

    The GTS Registry has also been contacted by Patrick Dean who ran a 1969 GTS Registry during the same time period as the Miller Registry. The Dean Registry can be found on the 1969 GTS Registry page. The GTSs found in both the GTS Registry and the Dean Registry are highlighted in both. As a bonus, Mr. Dean also had a small 1969 340 Swinger Registry included with his GTS list. That is also shown on the 1969 GTS Registry page in honor of the our GTS high perfomance A-body cousin-the 340 Swinger. The Dean Registry also has 25 "M" code 440 GTS cars on the list!!
    Make sure you check out both the 1967/1968 and the 1969 GTS Registry pages to see the Miller and Dean Registries!!


    Thanks for visiting the GTS Registry! Frank Remlinger

    Letting you know who you're dealing with!

    Edwin McBride: Where, oh where, are you Big Ed?!?!?!?!?

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